We procure & process the best quality rice from the best rice growing areas of Pakistan, obtain only the top quality rice and process on most modren and latest computrized digital machines. The rice is than cleaned, de-stoned, polished and color sortex depending on the requirements of our esteemed principals, it is further packed into attractive packing of jute, Cotton Bag, Non Woven Cloth Bag, Laminated Paper Bag, Poly Bag & cardboard Box packaged in size of 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 45 / 50 / 90 kgs to meet different kinds of marketing demands.

We take to maintain high quality standard, we can also provide you quality rice in desirable packing with your own brand name and style. Our main export markets are  Middle East, Gulf, Europe and Asian countries.

Super Kernel Basmati White Rice

Super Kernel Basmati Rice is one of the greater types of basmati rice grown in the foothills of the Himalaya in Pakistan. With its long size, pointed edges it is easily known for its length, which is almost four times greater than its width.  Since this one has the longest average grain length (7.2 mm) and a very strong, unique aroma, super Kernel Basmati Rice is our most precious Pakistani Rice.

Pakistan’s Super Kernel Basmati Rice is the most accepted type of rice around the world because of its unique aroma, taste and texture. Super Kernel Basmati Rice, a premium variety of Basmati rice of Pakistan, is the most prized of the rice varieties all over the world. Since thousands of years, Super Kernel Basmati is being cultivated in the foothills of the Himalaya with its rich snow fed water and its fertile, nutritious soil.

Super Kernel Basmati Parboiled Rice

Parboiled Rice is the name of rice which undergoes a special boiling process called parboiling’ preceding the milling process. While the rice is still in the (Shell) paddy form, it is soaked and then steamed. This gives the rice a new texture, making it more firm and less sticky. Furthermore, the parboiling process pushes all the precious nutrients, which are found in the brown-colored bran of the brown rice, into the corn. Due to this, all nutrients are still available in the polished grain, which makes the parboiled /Sella rice a non-sticky and easy-to-cook alternative for people who love the soft texture of polished grains, but set a high value on a nutritious diet. All varieties of rice can become parboiled!

1121 Premium Long Grain Rice

Due to its rich pearl white color and extra long grain is more & more demanded. This type of rice is a vital food for the population of the world today. 1121 Premium long Grain Rice grown in the Pakistan’s Province of Punjab & Sindh, Pakistan. The areas containing rich soil and the perfect conditions, 1121 has been growing here for over a decade.

Non-Basmati Rice Varieties

IRRI-6. IRRI-9, PK-386

Long grain rice is precisely long and slim with sharp edges at each end. The longer and thinner the grain is, the better it is of quality. This wonderful type of rice from Pakistan is demanded not only for its size but for the delicious taste that it gives after cooking, keeping it from getting sticky and making it fluffy.

There are several Non-basmati rice varieties now available in Pakistan. Some of the types of non-Basmati rice are PK-386 Long Grain Rice, Long Grain Irri-6 Rice & Long Grain Irri-9 Rice, which are excellent source of magnesium and good source of thiamin, vitamin B6, niacin and fiber. Their soft texture, flavor and reasonably priced fine quality makes them preferred around the globe and also food support programs runs by United Nation (UN) & Countries.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice – or ‘hulled rice’ or ‘non-polished’ – rice, is peeled rice which has the brown-colored bran still covered over it. This bran is the reason why brown rice is considered whole grain. Since brown rice has the bran intact, it has more fiber than any other type of rice.

Most people prefer eating white rice, because of its softness and fluffier effect after cooking. On the other hand brown rice is an overwhelming treat in terms of cooking and can be stored for six months under normal conditions. Brown rice also contains nutrients like magnesium, manganese and zinc, which are essential for a daily diet.

 ***All our offered rice varieties are available as brown rice as well. ***

Broken Rice

When milling rice, broken rice and rice flour develop. These by – products are precious ingredients for various industrial manufactured products. One can find rice flour in baby-food or cereals and broken rice in pet food. Our broken rice as well rice flour is available with or without natural Basmati aroma. The by-products of parboiled rice are even more valuable since all natural minerals and nutritional values of the brown rice are still to find in it (see “Parboiled Rice” as well). All our broken is rice is 100% milled, which means that it is free of insects, free of stones and free of husks.

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