KTM Corporation is providing services in Afghan Transit Logistics as nominate forwarder and custom clearing agent for the NGO’s relief goods commercial and non commercial transit shipments.


The following tasks are performed by the identified party:

  • Organizes and supervises the entire door to door transport arrangement
  • Serves as key interface with customer during the entire stages of the transport
  • Arranges for inland transport from your country to the port of Exit
  • Book ocean carrier service to Karachi
  • Obtain required Original Bill of Lading from ocean carrier
  • Coordinate with customer the issuance of all documents required during all stages of the transport
  • Karachi office start forwarding arrangements

KTM Corporation Karachi Office

  • Receives shipments ex arrival vessel at Karachi
  • Performs the transit clearance formalities at Karachi, including Transit Route Permit
  • Arranges the loading of AID cargo directly onto trucks for Afghanistan
  • Arranges the loading of commercial cargo onto railway wagons
  • Organizes the transfer of commercial cargo from railway wagons to trucks at the Afghanistan gateways in Peshawar and Quetta through its sub-offices there
  • Inform to Kabul office shipment details in order to prepare for final customs clearance on arrival at the Afghanistan customs station on Pakistan/Afghanistan border

KTM Corporation Afghanistan Office

  • Prepares with final receiver the receipt and customs clearance of the cargo in advance arrival of the cargo at the Afghanistan customs station on Pakistan/Afghanistan border
  • Assist final consignee in the preparation of the tax exemption documentation processing at Kabul customs house, if requested
  • Monitors the forwarding of the processed customs/tax exemption documentation from Kabul customs house to the customs station at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border
  • Supervise the customs clearance at the border
  • Receive shipment in Kabul for final delivery to consignee


  • To award transport contract to KTM and pay the freight charges up to required destination in Afghanistan.
  • To prepare full set of commercial documents as required form the shipper.


  • To prepare the tax exemption documents required by Afghanistan customs to release the shipment
  • To pay customs duties and taxes upon clearance of the shipment, if any


There are several shipping lines offering weekly full container services from all part of world  to Karachi Pakistan. These full container services accept standard 20-ft & 40-ft containers as well as special equipment including open top, semi flat &  flat rack units.

General cargo & LCL are not accepted on these full container services.


Upon arrival in Karachi, all cargo is subjected to transit clearance process, permitting the movement of the cargo from the port under customs bond to Afghanistan without payment of Pakistani customs duties & taxes.

In principle, all commercial cargo in transit to Afghanistan move from Karachi by Pakistan Trucks to the “gateways” to Afghanistan, i.e. Peshawar for Northern Afghanistan and Quetta for Southern Afghanistan.

Humanitarian Relief Consignments and AID project cargo are permitted to be on-carried by truck from Karachi to Afghanistan.

The railway profile allows only for in-gauge containers to be moved on it. Out-of-gauge colis require to be moved under special procedures by truck.

From the 2 gateway location, the final delivery to Afghanistan is performed by either Afghan or Pakistan registered trucks, with final customs clearance taking place at the Pakistan/Afghan border.


  • On carriage from Karachi to Afghanistan gateway locations at Peshawar (for North & East Afghanistan, including Kabul) and Quetta (for South and West Afghanistan, including Kandahar) by rail for regular in gauge cargo and containerized cargo, except for Humanitarian Relief Shipments and AID /Afghan Army Corps of Engineers reconstruction-contract cargo, which is permitted by truck
  • Average transit time from Karachi to Kabul / Kandahar for commercial cargo, including transit clearance process at Karachi up to gateway locations 14 – 20 days, plus 3 – 5 days for customs clearance at Pakistan/Afghanistan border and final delivery.
  • Average transit time from Karachi to Kabul / Kandahar, for Afghan Army Corps of Engineers reconstruction contract related cargo is 3 days for transit clearance at Karachi, 7 days direct road haulage, and 3 days Afghan final customs clearance
  • Humanitarian Relief Shipments can be trucked directly from Karachi to Afghanistan with an average transit time of 14 days from Karachi to final destination, including transit & final customs clearance processes.
  • Special arrangements should be made for outsize and heavy lift out of gauge cargo well in advance of the execution of the transport of the same.
  • Out of gauge cargo is exceeding any of the following dimensions: 12 meter length / 2.5 meter width and 2.8 meter height (40 feet length / 8 feet width / 9 feet height).


The following road restrictions must be observed when planning transports to Afghanistan:

  • Maximum weight for single 20 ft container on 6 m truck 20 tons gross
  • Maximum weight for single 40 ft container on 12 m truck 30 tons gross
  • Heavy lifts are permitted on lowbed trailers to the maximum of such vehicle license
  • Maximum height including trailer height is 5 meters on both the Kabul and Kandahar main routes


North & Eastern Pakistan:

Transit Station: Peshawar Railway Station (Cantt & City) For Relief and Commercial Shipments: Border Customs Location: Torkham (Pakistan) / Gumrook (Afghanistan) Final Destinations: Kabul, Mazar-e-Sherif, Meymaneh, Gardiz, Khowst, Ghazni

South & Western Pakistan:

Transit Station: Quetta Railway Station For Relief and Commercial Shipments Border Customs Location: Chaman (Pakistan) / Spin Boldak (Afghanistan) Final Destinations: Kandahar, Farah, Teyvareh, Herat



The following documentation is required for shipments to Afghanistan:

  • Ocean Bill of Lading / Aiwaybill ORIGINAL & copies
  • Commercial Invoice ORIGINAL (5 copies)
  • Packing List ORIGINAL (5 copies)
  • Route Permit from CBR for Relief Goods ORIGINAL
  • Exemption Certificate from Ministry of Commerce, Afghanistan for Relief Goods And Non Commercial Shipments ORIGINAL
  • Certificate of Origin ORIGINAL
  •  “Jawaznama” Import Permit for Commercial Shipments ORIGINAL
  •  “Ilmokhabar” Afghan Invoice for Commercial Shipments ORIGINAL